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The People behind

It was in 1932 that my late great-grandfather bought a small watch company from the watch maker, Mr. Edouard Lauzières from Le Locle.

My great-grandfather was a successful entrepreneur in the Brazilian steel industry where he had arrived in 1925 after a youth spent in the Levant and in Europe. He coveted watches just as much as we do today.

It is thanks to you, my grandfather Albert’s and my father James' diligence and care that the company was able to be revived in 2005. Indeed, my great-grandfather would be very proud of his scions.

Today, it is the turn of the fourth generation of the Elsener-Steinacher family to let the family’s passion for hand-crafted watches come to life again.

rene_steinacher_240 james_elsener_240
René Steinacher, Chairman in 1932 Jean-Pierre James Elsener, Director in 2016