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In 1932 the entrepreneur René Steinacher decided to launch his own brand of fine Swiss Made classical dress watches for his discerning customers in Brazil.

Under René's careful guidance the brand prospered quickly in Brazil and other South American countries. In the 1970s René devoted less and less time to his watch making venture. Since then only a very limited number of watches were made every year.

In 2005 the great-grandson of René Steinacher, Nicola Elsener, decided after an extended trip to Brazil to revive the Montres Edouard Lauzières brand. His feelings telling him that the brand his late great-grandfather loved so much is worth more than his while he convinced his family to bankroll his nursing the Edouard Lauzières brand to its former heights.

All people involved in the long history of Montres Edouard Lauzières watches would be more than pleased with Nicola's efforts of bringing the Edouard Lauzières watches to the fore of the Swiss watch industry again.

By wearing and selling the fine Edouard Lauzières watches you are entering into a bond with the heritage of success of Montres Edouard Lauzières too.